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Jute Shopping Bags Manufacturer from Kolkata, India.

Cheviot Company Limited - Over 100 years of excellence in Jute

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At Cheviot we believe, we have a responsibility not just to make profits, but to innovate, to create a long-term sustainable business for our stakeholders and to improve the environment all around. Cheviot sets their standards keeping in mind the highest level of ethical & moral responsibilities in all business dealings.

  • At Cheviot we always consider our Customers as valuable business partners. Customer's requirements are seriously taken into consideration while executing orders. We supply strictly as per the specifications and so not deviate from the standards. It is our endeavour to supply at a competitive price to our customers so that their interest is also taken care of. In response, we also get all kinds of support from our Customers. This policy has helped us in establishing long term business relationship with all our Customers.

  • Cheviot also considers their vendors as one of their business partners. Vendors are very judiciously selected and only capable vendors are given opportunities in the Company. This helps in getting high quality materials. In long run, it helps in achieving higher efficiency in our machines. The good vendors are suitably rewarded to motivate them & others.

  • For Cheviot, employees are most important resources & it does lot of training programmes to motivate them to achieve very high standard of working. Company provides an intimate knowledge of products and services to their employees so that employee can give invaluable insight into areas of weakness in the current policy. Cheviot is also equally concerned about health, education & development of their employees & their family. For this company has different educational schemes for primary & higher education for employees' children. Cheviot also has different kinds of Medical schemes to keep check on health of their employees & their family.

  • Cheviot is a legal abiding company and follows strictly all statuary norms & standards. Cheviot pays taxes, duties & any other legal levies in time which helps Government to deploy these funds for developing infrastructures, providing better medical facility, Education to all & to create better environment for one & all in the Country.

  • Cheviot also takes care of pollution free environment. We at Cheviot always work on reducing CO2. For example we run the Boiler with Furnace Oil instead of Coal. We set environment cleanup standards which help us in recycling resources during production which left with minimal wastages to dispose off.

  • Last but not least, we address transparency in corporate finances and accounting which appease all our stakeholders & investors, and in turn can increase share worth in future. We have production safety & risk management process for ensuring compliance with state & federal labor laws.